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Island Testimonials

“Best organized course I ever attended. I can't imagine how you could make it any easier to learn the material.”
- Aspen Technology

“Very good and carefully laid out and taught. Very clearly conveyed concepts that otherwise are complex and not necessarily the most intuitive. Thanks!”
- Astral Point Communications

“The course was well-presented and easily understood, especially for those new to MultiSite.”
- Bank of America

“A wonderful course. I particularly liked the presentation setup. The SlideViewer is excellent.”
- Bear Stearns

“Course well planned and presented. One of the better classes I have attended”
- Beckman-Coulter

“Very professional, organized, and well-prepared. I've never seen a training class go so smoothly like the ones you've been doing here. I'm very impressed.”
- Cisco Systems, Inc.

“I've never given a 100% rating to anyone, but I guess there's a first time for everything. The instructor is a knowledgeable professional. Thanks!”
- Ericsson

“The laptop setup was cool! The overall setup of views and vobs was great. Documentation was perfect with great slides. Very relevant.”
- Fidelity Investments

“I have attended many IT courses over the years. This one ranks among the top in content, presentation, and hands-on lab work.”
- GE Medical Systems

“Very friendly and clear. Brilliant! He's the best instructor that I have ever had in HP courses. Great laptops! Equipment was incredible. Well structured, good courses, good explanations!”
- Hewlett-Packard

“Portable PC network is great. Slides and labs are very helpful when they are right in front of you.”
- Hitachi

“Nicely done course. I've taken courses that dig too deep without enough lab. This had a very nice mix.”
- Hitachi

“Good introductory course to Clearmake. The instructor did an excellent job; very good presentation style. I would highly recommend Island Training to others!”
- Motorola

“Excellent training session! Even though I have been using ClearCase for 2.5 years, I learned some additional features of ClearCase. The combined lecture/lab for each module was very well thought out, and the lab instructions were very complete. Great Job!!”
- Motorola

“Very cool, flexible, and enjoyable. Thanks.”
- Nortel Networks

“The setup with the laptops networked together is great. It was nice that the software was preloaded so the class wasn't delayed because of software problems”

"Concise delivery, excellent presentation, and meaningful hands on exercises that are well designed to reinforce lecture.”
- Triton Services, Inc.

"Wonderful class! I'm ready to face ClearCase now."
- Hewlett-Packard