A Quick Look at the RTC Quick Planner – Part 1: Planning for Developers

For developers, Rational Team Concert offers deep integrations with the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments). These deep integrations allow developers to complete tasks such as:

  • View and prioritize the work items assigned to them
  • Create a new work item and associate it with a plan

But, what if you’re a developer who is not near your favorite IDE? Is there way to quickly and efficiently handle these tasks?

In the most recent update to Rational Team Concert, developers and other members of the development team make quick edits to work items and plans using a new feature called Quick Planner. In this blog article, we will look at how developers can utilize the Quick Planner, which is now available in the v5.0.2 version of RTC.

Quick Access

The Quick Planner is visible on the RTC web client. To get to the Quick Planner, log into the RTC server URL using your favorite web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Once you’ve logged in and gone to the project area of interest, the Quick Planner shows up as a selection in the Plans menu, as shown below.

Once in the Quick Planner, use the navigation area on the left side of the browser window to discover your options. This navigation area is shown below.

Quick Planner nav area









Let’s look at a few of the actions that Quick Planner allows.

Quick Review

As an individual on a team, you can quickly look at and prioritize work items in Quick Planner using a number of views. The broadest view is accessed by selecting My Work and displaying all of the assigned items. Let’s take a look:

Quick Planner My Work

When you select My Work, you can filter by the iteration (Planned for), by state group, or based on keywords. By default, the work items are grouped according to Priority.

With the work items in view, you can change the following fields by using the icons on the right.

  • Owned by
  • State
  • Severity
  • Priority

You can change additional fields on the work item by clicking on the work item to expand it. These additional fields are:

  • Description
  • Filed Against
  • Planned For
  • Parent work item
  • Subscribers

Finally, an individual work item can be starred for quick referral. Any work item starred will be visible when My Starred is selected.

The My Work area will also allow you to quickly create new work items. To create a work item, type the summary into the top bar showing Create a Work Item. The area will expand as shown below.

Quick Planner add work item

To complete a work item creation, you can set the following fields and then click Save:

  • Work Item Type
  • Description
  • Filed Against
  • Owned By
  • Due Date
  • Tag(s)
  • Priority
  • Parent work item

A Quick Look at Part 2

In our next blog post, we will look at Quick Planner features that can be used by those responsible for overseeing project status, include ScrumMasters for agile projects and project managers who use a more traditional process.

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